Four Short Stories


There are times during my travels— I unexpectedly stumbled on scenes and moments which turned out to be surprising little gems—small gifts for my eye and camera. These episodes never lasted long— ranging from about an hour, to a few hours at most. Although I never stayed around long enough to make it a complete project,  these small selections of 6 to 8 photographs provided me with  some wonderful memories, as well as documenting some special magical moments in my life.


Every February 2, In Salvador, Brazil, before dawn, tens of thousands of people will assemble by the ocean, to pray, and leave offerings for the water spirit, Yamanja.


One evening in Montevideo, we took an Uber to some small semi-deserted building in an innocuous suburban part of the city. We were off to see a “Milonga”.

A Day in the Clouds

In Puebla Province of Mexico, high in the clouds of the Sierra Norte, the villagers of Cuauhtamazaco prepare for their annual celebrations of the Virgin of Guadaloupe.


My journey began on a chilly morning, just outside of Puebla on a winding rutted dirt road leading up between two volcanos (Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl).