David Saxe/photography

Looking at David Saxe’s pictures one can see that he enjoys the process of searching and knows what he is looking for. Having spent some time with him, know that he is patient and deliberate and scrupulous about details.


David is also quite accomplished in the way he has fashioned a consistent mood in his use of color. And one of his great strengths is his sequencing and pairings, which infuse rhythm and poetry into the body of work.


His pictures represent a fairly new movement in photography, in which people who make pictures out of a love for photography have mastered the craft and found their own voice with little, if any, professional training.


It is obvious that David has spent years making pictures and thinking about them. A true test of the quality of any set of pictures, especially in a book, is a desire on the part of the viewer to return to the work again and again.


The pictures in this book by David Saxe pass that test.


Constantine Manos

March 29, 2014